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May 23, 2011


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I'm very thankful to my manager who got me this book entitled "What to Expect when You're Expecting". Been reading it since I got my hands on it. :)

And through this book, I learned that when you're pregnant, 3 profiles does matter:


You have to mention to your OB if you've ever taken birth control pills or other methods. Other women kept taking oral meds because they aren't aware they are pregnant. So it's safe that you always keep your count right, and don't miss telling your OB about it. Anything that's happening down there and inside - mention to your OB.


The success of your pregnancy also depends on your birthing profile - is this your first pregnancy? have you had back to back pregnancies? Have you had any preterm births, abortion or miscarriage? Are you considered high-risk? Women who are first timers to bear and is older than 35 maybe at high-risk.



How's your health going along? Suffering from Obesity? Diabetes? Eating disorders? Are you drinking any meds on a regular basis?

I didn't really plan on getting pregnant but I'm still thankful that it happened now than later. I may not be that healthy when I hit my 30's. And of course, every body is different, every lifestyle is different. You may be 40 and still has the body of a 25y/o.

The book keeps reminding it's readers that every pregnancy is different. I think mine is. :)

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