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May 25, 2011

Body Changes

Before I learned that I was pregnant, the most prominent change I was ever aware of was that of my breast. They're super full like I was supposed to have my period. LOL, excuse me if my post will be revealing or straightforward. :)

  • breast changes - the more you approach your delivery day, the bigger and fuller they will get. Especially your areola which simply prepares you for breastfeeding

  • bloating/flatulence - I never experienced this. I get bloated if I drink too much liquid but apart from that, I never felt being bloated

  • fatigue, sleepiness, low energy - this is fairly common. When extreme fatigue hits, there's just one thing to do, REST. Most pregnant women get so lazy as in lazy, haha, as the month progresses.

  • frequent urination - ay very true. but when I hit my second trimester, visit to the washroom lessened.

  • nausea w/ or w/o vomiting - so far, I've just vomited twice. :) apart from being nauseous, I get headachese here and there.

  • excess saliva - weird right? but because of our hormonal changes, the body produces more saliva. nasasamid ako sa sarili kong laway, hehe.

  • increased sensitivity to changes - we all know this. pregnant women tend to puke a lot if they don't like what they're smelling

  • metallic taste - pregnant women may experience gum bleeding a lot because of lack of calcium, that's where there metallic taste comes from

  • spotting / discharges - one may discharge a lot, expect that but colors vary. some discharges may show signs of complication or infection so always to talk your OB about it. spotting is red and beware. consult your OB when you're experiencing spotting.

  • hair loss/breakage - I don't know if other pregnant women are experiencing this, but I do. my hair is so brittle.

If you're experiencing any of the mentioned symptoms above (hopefully not all!), relax, nothing's wrong with you.. you're just pregnant. Continue to eat well, avoid stress, get enough sleep and drink your vitamins. All will be better, soon.

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