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Jan 8, 2011

Rina got Hitched!!

If getting married is a contest based on 'element of surprise', Rina will definitely bag the Grand Prize.

Actually and honestly, I wasn't surprised. I know, deep in her, she wants to be married soon. I just didn't realize she thought of it like two days ago?

Nonetheless, I am genuinely happy for her. She was able to pull it together, just like she wants it - people she loves, her family, simple and impromptu wedding. I bet she would have brought her dogs if it's possible.

Go and visit her facebook, these pics may not justify how it all went, but let me try :)

wedding done in more or less 30 minutes! :)

she doesn't like GRAND, but her stones show otherwise ;)
btw, i gave her nothing but flowers .. and she liked 'em

she was as always playful, this time.. over the top happy as Mrs. Guangco

the happy and supportive family .. plus one

we wouldn't be SISTERS if we won't attend

two married.. 3 to go, 1 scheduled on March
haha, pressure ito

CONGRATS to the newlyweds.
BEST WISHES on your new life Sis! :)

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reyna said...

Yes! I would have dressed Moimoi in cutesy tuxedo kung pwede lang! nyahaha! :D

Thanks so much sis! ^_^ Thanks for witnessing that happiest day of my life.

so when is your big date? ahihihi!