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Sep 28, 2005

Long Way Starts Here

long way starts here magnify

for the past few months, my body kinda lay back a bit and stopped thinking about my future. i have not thought of something that i wanted to achieve for the coming years, longterm and short term goals. That's the reason why I think I am really not going anywhere. Well, sleeping giant should be awaken and I have to do something about my life or else I might get old like this - hahaha.

there would be a long way to go.. so much to learn, so much to give, to get, to experience, so i'm taking one step at a time.. everything is starting from here.. God help me.. :)

hopefully I can get something for my family- I need a business that can sustain us for the years to come. hopefully, if not this year, with God's will - next year, we can put this into material. from here, another business sana can materialize - para samen naman - the KIDS... hehehe.

well i want a career so if ever i have my own business already, i won't be resigning from work - i don't want yet. besides, you get to meet a lot of people when you work. if this time comes, hopefully my brother would have gone to states to work naman for himself - like what he really wanted. my sister would have been working by this time too, para sa sarili din niya. so after few more years of making money - hehehe.. i can settle down and move out of the country. gawing bakasyunan na lang ang Pilipinas - hehehehe... joke lang. :)

well, it all boils down to our values - working hard, dedication to work, saving money, putting your goals in front of you, loving people around you, taking away negative vibrations and negative people, laughing, crying, LIVING... the life that you always wanted and of course, placing GOD in the center of all these... I LOVE YOU LORD.. thank you so much for all the blessing all these years.. with your mercy, I know nothing is impossible.

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