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Sep 25, 2005

Happy and In-Love

happy and in-Love - haha :) magnify


it's been a while since the last time i wrote here. The last entry that i had w/c was LAST SHIFT AS AN AGENT was 2 months ago.


I had 2 new hire classes for those past months and i learned a lot from them. there were times that i really felt like crying because everything is just a mess and everything feels so frustrating pag may nangyaring kakaiba. teaching and being a trainer is different from what i used to do before. it is way different from what i have learned during college too. well, nevertheless, i sincerely appreciate every single day of my life, i'm having fun and i'm learning.

I truly miss my HN family. The family that gave me the encouragement that I can do things and that they trust me so much that I can definitely achieve my goals in LIFE. I hope they know how much i LOVE them :)

Speaking of love, i know few people have secrets to share - di ba chel? This is the reason why i am happy, i think i'm in Love with Love itself - haha - nye!

till next time, ciao!!

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