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Feb 1, 2012

Our Christening Suppliers

Raphael's baptism is my first project this year and I am loving every bit of its preparation and planning. I’ve started searching and googling for the perfect suppliers since I was a few months pregnant.

Allow me to share the suppliers which will hopefully make our event no less than perfect!

Marina Restaurant in MOA
Price Range: they have 450/550 menu packages
Contact: marina.com.ph
Details: It wasn’t our first choice really but we ended up in Marina because they were willing to provide the entire restaurant for our reception, there will be no other charges for electricity usage and the reservation is good for 3 hours. Other than those, their baptismal package include freebies like tarpaulin, signature frame, balloons, free use of AV projector and music. It also includes food tasting for two, we can’t complain!!  La Mesa Grill has a very small function room and no space provisioned for AV usage. Gerry’s Grill on the other hand has a function room but is only good for 2 hours..  The use of electricity for music and mic has extra charge, plus the food will be served per plate not buffet style.  I was turned off.  We also tried Burgoo but thought that our guests will not be satisfied with American Food and its serving size, iba paren makabusog ang Filipino Food. We were also hoping that Racks would say yes to us but they just won't give in! haha. They have affordable buffet menu but they don’t accept reservations basta basta. They have a function room good for 15 people only. We really wanted Racks, super sayang!

Price Range: Package starts from Php1500
Contact: cupcakesforurokayson.weebly.com
Details: I thought hard whether to avail of bigtummys' cupcakes or cupcakesforurokasyon and the latter won because the owner is my former student, apart from his delicious looking cupcakes and attractive packages. This was the second supplier I booked through text and email! Imagine, you can do everything now without leaving home. Leo works based on event themes so it’s best to always have a theme for your event. I did not come up with a theme for our baptism so he had a tough one with me. Hehe.

JRAON Photography
Price Range: Package starts from Php4850 to 10850. Reservation is Php1000
Contact: jraon.tk jraonphotography.tk
0907 112 1307
Details: There may be other pro photographers out there and may also be more affordable than Jay but I chose him because of the quality of his work. I’ve been browsing his site when I was still pregnant and never looked for anyone else anymore!  Hmmmm, I can't remember how I got to his site, no one referred me.  I told myself to book him early so I was so happy when March 18 was still free. It pays to contact him very early to make sure that your desired date is still available.

Price Range: Php40 and up/ per piece
Contact: Paperbug.com.ph
Details: This is one of the hardest to find. I'm trying to be very keen and maarte in finding the right supplier for my invites and so I was very happy when I found Ella. I want my invites to be classy and special but affordable. Paperbug profile fits with my requirements as they customize and hand-make their invites. I knew they were perfect when I saw the envelope, I was truly impressed! So when Ella replied, I knew I had to close a deal.

SIDs Party Favors
Price Range: Their package starts from 2,500. I availed their ala-carte services
Contact: 09475732502
Details: Balloons weren’t my priority. This is one of the last items I dealt with, after all, Marina gave us free balloons already. But I reassessed our budget and since we have ample, I reached out to SIDs which is situated in Las Pinas. I had the opportunity to visit their location and discussed my requirements for the balloons.

Price Range: varies
Contact: papemelroti.com
Details: I couldn’t think of any more perfect tokens for our Godparents than those in papemelroti. As much as possible, I don’t like items na naaalikabukan lang sa bahay but I had to give in and said yes to the final Godparent tokens. Papemelroti accepts orders online so it’s very convenient. They can personalize too. Make sure you allot enough time for yours.

St. Paul
Price Range: Php10 – 300 / depending on the item
Contact: SM Malls
Details: We originally agreed that we don’t want figurines or displays as souvenirs that’s why we settled for cupcakes ONLY as our souvenirs for the guests. However, I thought it’ll be nice for the guests to bring home a token too aside from edible giveaways. I don’t want Marvin going ballistic that we’re adding another expense to our list so I really thought of something useful and cheap.  This is the last store I would hope to get giveaways fom.  You may find our souvenir cheap or boring but it serves its purpose, especially when you’re a Chatholic.

I really hope everything turns well on our big day!

I'll share my supplier stories after the binyag. :)

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