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Apr 1, 2011

Two Lines!

Ok, just before it turned out to be positive, I got a single line on my very first try. I wasn't surprised.. I really thought I will get my period soon.

After a week, I tried a PT again (in the office), yep! just to satisfy my curiousity. I placed the PT away from me because I was positive that it'll be just a single line. But lo and behold, I saw a two well placed and well pronounced purple lines, no mistakes this time. My hands turned cold and I texted away.

My head was racing then and my heart was pumping... I was looking at 9 months from now, I was looking at my family, my work and how everything will be.. now that I will have a ... baby of my own.

Questions.. questions.. I've got thousands of them!! but i was given the comfort that i need by my beloved fiancee who stood with me thru thick and thin.

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