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Feb 13, 2011

Hachiko: A Dog Story

To all dog lovers out there.

Out of mere boredom, I switched to HBO today, since 11AM. I need a non stop movie to keep me company because I'm home alone.

And I'm happy that I did.

Hachiko (the name of the dog and the title of the movie), is an american adaptation of an old Japanese movie about dog loyalty. He's an Akita breed. A professor named Parker found a lost puppy, brought it home and eventually fell in love with him. His wife didn't like to have a dog at first but eventually gave in when his husband found joy through the puppy. Hachiko wouldn't play fetch but he always send Parker to the train station. Every 5PM Hachiko would go back and wait for the arrival of Parker, everyday. Everyone else notices the relationship of Parker and the dog, so Hachiko was fairly popular as Parker. One day, Hachiko played fetch, for the first time, with his master while at the train station. When Parker finally had to enter the station to catch the train, Hachiko barked and barked as if not wanting his master to leave. That same day, at school, Parker died of heart attack. Like all the days before, Hachiko awaited at the train station for his master that never showed up.

Eventually, Parker's wife, Cate had to move so she gave Hachiko to her daughter, Andy, who lived somewhere else. Hachiko ran away on the first day in a different house and returned to the train station where he waited for his master. Andy found Hachiko the next day and brought him home. Hachi would just run away like the other day so they figured to do whatever he wants. Years pass and Hachiko still waits at the train station.

Cate, was told what Hachi has been doing so he visited the train station. She was stunned to see Hachi, old, dirty and weak but still maintaining his vigil. Overcame, Cate sits and waits for the next train with him. At home, Cate tells his grandson about Hachi. That night, Hachi makes his way to his usual spot, where he lies down and falls asleep for the last time. Dreaming of his master, and later sees a vision of Parker who picks him up in a joyous reunion before their spirits rise to heaven. (last part came from Wiki)

.. a perfect love story this valentine's day.

By the way, this is a real story that happened in Japan. Hachi has a statue too.

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♕ reyna said...

:( i always cry watching this movie.... and even if i was just reading your post... i am already crying.

T_T OMG! Dog's unconditional love always make me cry.

This movie, Hachiko.. and Marley and Me.... hay nakow... T_T

i was soooo OA alam mo ba sis... kasi habang pinapanood ko tong movie na to, I kept on saying... "Kasi naman.. sabihin na nila ke Hachi na di na babalik si Parker... na patay na siya!" waaaah!.

it teaches me the value of unconditional love and never forgetting the people we love no matter how many years or how many worlds apart we are.

Oh! Geeeesh! ... I really cant stop crying na! T_T kainis! sira na maskara ko... Lunes na lunes eh... waaaah!

-mayang- said...

haha. sorry sis. this simply proves that love exists, even unconditional LOVE. kahit sino pa yan.