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Jul 3, 2010

StarTek Eclipse Film Showing

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I love this weekend activity!

Amongst all the things that I love being free, movie passes/ tickets is one of those. Today, training team spearheaded the committee on Eclipse Film Showing at Promenade Greenhills, Cinema 5.

I towed Marvin with me hoping he could get a free movie pass too since he has not seen it with me. I think even if he'd seen it alone, I would love to sit by him so we could watch it together. Anyway, he was able to get in since quite a number of people did not show up. I would glance his way from time to time thinking if he understands what was happening - hehe... so I could explain more in detail.

It was a little crazy too because everybody almost know everyone else so when it's awkward time in the movie, or there's a scene on something that you would want to scream or comment on - umiingay sa sinehan. I love it. It means the audience is alive. It was also a plus that we had the cinema to StarTek only so we can almost do whatever we want - magingay, magtawanan. :)

Thank you StarTek!!

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