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Aug 21, 2006

1st Year Anniversary

Originally posted last August 23, 2006

today is august 23 2006 (maybe when i finish this it’ll be already aug 24 - i have things doing simultaneously - so goodluck to me) and we are celebrating our 1st year anniversary. let me quote him though “due to financial circumstances, we can’t celebrate our first year with a bang”

anyway. :)

we celebrated at manila pavillion hotel. we dined and ate whatever our stomach can take.

we agreed to meet at sm manila around 5PM but I was not yet done preparing that time so he had to come and pick me up from home and go together at the hotel. passed 6 we arrived at pavillion. yesterday afternoon we already decided that we’re going to go for SEASONS restaurant. pavillion is offering 5 types of restaurant and bar, they have Patisserie - for pastries, cakes and others, they have Boulvar which operates like a restaurant/ bar type, they have Peony Garden which serves mostly chinese food, Rotisserie and Seasons. we dined at seasons and enjoyed their buffet serving. buffet meal is Php1,050.00 per head.

it’s my first time to eat in a hotel restaurant so i really don’t know what to do. marvin seems to be laughing at me becuase I’m having a hard time thinking on what to do first and what to eat first. hehe, akala ko, go grab all the food you want and bring it on your table. medyo decent pala. Soup muna, then go for your meals. my gosh, every food was so delicious - i swear.

i don’t want to name the food we ate, hehe - i’m not so good at that. basta, tinikman ko yung brocolli and crab soup nila - sarap. you can put cruttons and garlic all you want! after marvin took dumplings and siomai in seaweeds, umupo na siya, sabi ko - abah! yan lang kakainin naten? kuha tayo rice - heheh, mamya na pala yun. :) so we take time in eating the dumplings and siomai - they were great. after we ate that, umulit siya nung same food sa sobrang sarap. then i went and took some gambas and rice. nagulat siya kasi yung lang kinuha ko eh, hiya ako sa mga waiters eh. nagpaluto din ako ng shrimp tempura - sarap. then he took so many japanese foods like sushi, etc. i don’t know what else, they’re raw and cold so i definitely wouldn’t want to eat them, hindi nga ako naki-share. i took my own food. after we finished it, nag offer yung mga waiters na bigyan kami ng drinks - so we ordered watermelon shake and iced tea. let me quote again, “the watermelon we had is the best watermelon we ever tasted” - marvin. not too sweet, hindi din matabang. after that kwento kwento ulet kami, tapos we took another food pa ren. :) - wala ng katapusan noh?

pagtapos namen nun, marvin took japanese food pa ren then i took some salad naman. so we ate. after that, nahiya na talaga ko. i joined marvin na lang. he took a fish cooked in creamy sauce - like butter ata, then spicy pusit, grilled chicken and turkey! first time, yes there’s always first time to eat one - and that’s the first time i ate a turkey. hehe. sorry, pero hindi pa dun nagtatapos yung food trip. after that, kwentuhan to the max kami ulet - picture taking galore and everything.

medyo elevated yung place namen kasi non-smoking, so i went down again and took some desserts. i took an apple cinnamon something and chocolate mousse, masarap na too sweet. i ate one scoop of ice cream too. then i had brocolli soup, haha - ewan ko ba.

uhmm, after non, hindi na kami pareho makatayo. basta isa lang alam ko - the experience was great and so was the food. it was the best buffet i ever had - yet.

i want to go back to Manila Pavillion again because the food was great, the people were nice and the ambiance were awesome.

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